13/10/2020 Datao

Datao is a tech company that offers cost-efficient services in Data Science, Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Software Engineering. During the creation of this brand the main focus was the analytic approach as an important phase of the overall process of data science.   We...

Cultural Spaces of Kosovo

29/01/2020 Cultural Spaces of Kosovo

New logo for a new network

There is a new network of cultural spaces in Kosovo. We have designed their logo and identity.


10/01/2018 #ecokosovo

#ecokosovo is an online advocacy campaign, and photo competition in order to raise awareness on environment and health issues in Kosovo. It was organized by UNDP, UNV in partnership with WHO and UN Kosovo Team (UNKT). Trembelat created the logo, identity, brand design, website, animation, as...

Healthy Eatr

07/04/2017 Healthy Eatr

Is a platform based in United Kingdom, that aims to certify bars and restaurants on their healthy menu. Logo was designed by our company


07/04/2017 Trosha

Trosha is a city bakery, that came as a new brand in Kosovo, to be more specific in Prishtina. As an ongoing client, we design their menu, new offers, and more. Apart from their branding, logo and guideline for the way of using their logo and identity.

Pozhegu Brothers

07/04/2017 Pozhegu Brothers

Pozhegu Brothers is a construction company, that just recently joined our company. Together with our designers and marketing officers, we delivered a new logo, guideline and media campaign. Pozhegu Brothers as many others in this portfolio, is an on-going client.

Bukatore Bakery

07/04/2017 Bukatore Bakery

Is a city bakery, located in Kosovo. Font used here named “Bardhi”, is designed by our company, and used specially for this client. The kitchen roller on the dough, fits perfect for a logo of a bakery. Together with logo, a guideline was delivered to this client as well.


07/04/2017 Kallxo

Is a platform that aims to offer people independent space to report corruption, conflict of interest, nepotism, and other problems they encounter on their daily experience with public institutions. Inspiration mixed between, X&O represents the face and people’s opinion, which is a mirror...

Interfaith Kosova Conference

07/04/2017 Interfaith Kosova Conference

This initiative is an innovative approach to diplomacy through civil society. Our company contributed by offering design of Logo, Identity and book layout.

ProCredit Bank Kosova

07/04/2017 ProCredit Bank Kosova

Creative services for ProCredit Bank communication, including video production, multimedia communication and graphic design. Among many services this includes web graphics, social media materials, video materials, brochure, leaflet, illustrations, animations, copy editing and video production.

Karl Gega

07/04/2017 Karl Gega

Is a new brand that is developed by our company. As it is an alcoholic drink, branding it with the name of Karl Gega, came as our aim was to present something unique on the market, where all local alcoholic drinks tend to relate their branding with warriors and political figures. Karl Gega, was the...


07/04/2017 Kujtesa

Kujtesa is a TV, internet and phone platform, that is present across Kosovo. Font used here named Thelbi, is designed by our company. With this font, our designers were experimenting as a way of expressing their creativity. Afterwards, as we had this font, though it fits best Kujtesa, to have a...

Housing and Public Spaces

07/04/2017 Housing and Public Spaces

Is an organization that focuses on illegal construction, and spatial planning irregularities. All completed tasks to this client, started with logo, to continue with building identity, web-design and phone app, as well as advertising and plan of action. The logo itself includes architecture lines,...

The Headhunter

07/04/2017 The Headhunter

Is an organization that focuses on providing transparent and consistent information and interactive communication, between groups of interest and media community to enhance understanding of the business. Regarding the design, our company designed their logo, while being careful to respect previous...


07/04/2017 Instakosova

“#InstaKosovo competition is based and runs across the major social media platforms, inviting everyone to post and hashtag pictures that reflect on Kosovo, its culture and the people.”

FRABAAC Perspectives

07/04/2017 FRABAAC Perspectives

Frabaac Perspectives is a group of cultural NGOs. Our company designed logo, and posters, leaflets, banners for different events that this association had and talks.

Amadeus Music School

07/04/2017 Amadeus Music School

Is the most known private music school in Kosovo. Though, they requested only logo design, after our proposal for web-design, they were pleased with it and decided to implement. Logo relates to musical notes, as this is a musical school.

RTC Consulting

07/04/2017 RTC Consulting

Is a management consulting company that aims to provide high quality consulting services in market research, management training and quality control. It is in our internal policies, to make everything look beautiful and easily recognized by people, thus even though this client came to us requesting...

Kosovo in UNESCO

07/04/2017 Kosovo in UNESCO

Kosovo in Unesco started as campaign, during the time Kosovo was lobbying for membership in UNESCO. Though this campaign aimed to raise awareness among local politicians on the importance of Kosovo’s membership in UNESCO, it had a wider impact too. Our company designed their campaign starting...


07/04/2017 PUNË PUNË

Is a project from our company, that has the format of a reality TV-Show, where youngsters apply for a job. The idea behind the logo, is to ironically tackle the education system, and why this project is being implemented. Throughout the show, topics varied from education system, to employees work...


07/04/2017 Doogy

Is a website which is focused on advices for dogs. Though we haven’t designed their logo, it was requested from us to design website categories. Our creative approach was instead of using written categories, to design icons which transmit the same message to clients.


07/04/2017 Finexo

Is a platform that offers consultancy, accounting and integrated system on which their clients can manage bills and payments they have made. Our company designed their brand completely, including logo. The idea behind this logo, is to the green line, which explains that in algebraic way of...


07/04/2017 UNDP


#ecokosovo is an online advocacy campaign, and photo competition in order to raise awareness on environment and health issues in Kosovo. It was organized by UNDP, UNV in partnership with WHO and UN Kosovo Team (UNKT). Trembelat created the logo, identity, brand design, website, animation, as well...

Action for Mothers and Children

07/04/2017 Action for Mothers and Children

“Action for Mothers and Children” support mothers and children in need. Partnership on fundraising event “Runner for Hearts” on  creating concept and print.


07/04/2017 Goodjobber

Is a company based in Swiss, that tries to link employees and employers together. The idea behind the curved line below bb is to leave costumers understand that being part of this platform will make you happy, as it is expected for clients to find their best job at this platform.

Krenare Rugova

07/04/2017 Krenare Rugova

Designed in Capital Font, this logo is all in letters, representing the name of the fashion designer herself. When it comes to fashion designers, best logo proposal would be something that represents their name, work and creativity, and this is exactly what we thought to transmit when we came up...

VBS 360˚ sport development

07/04/2017 VBS 360˚ sport development

Is a company, aims to connect football players across the world with Kosovo’s football teams. Our idea behind 360 degrees, is to open perspective for this company. While now is working only with football players, it may later include players from other sports.

LGBTQ employment equality index

07/04/2017 LGBTQ employment equality index

Is an organization, that measures and tries to raise awareness on LGBTIQ community. The mixed lines representing colors of LGBTIQ flag, are geometric lines that tend to arrange in equality form, and this is the idea behind the logo