DokuKids 2009

12/01/2018 DokuKids 2009

In 2009 Dokufest was also developing a specific program for kids. We did the frames of the animation, printed all of them, and then gave to children from different schools to color them. In the end, this animation came to life. It is one of our favorites.

DokuKids 2010

12/01/2018 DokuKids 2010

For the Dokukids program in 2010 we developed this stopmotion animation using cutouts. It was funn to do.

Procredit Bank - EcoVideo for Doku Fest

10/01/2018 Procredit Bank - EcoVideo for Doku Fest

In 2017 Dokufest teamed up with ProCredit Bank to do a joing project for the environment. It was a competition inviting everyone to post a short video about nature. This animation was developed by our team to promote the competition. It was played during the festival, online and on TV. This is a...