NLB Master Card Debit

31/01/2020 NLB Master Card Debit

TV ad for NLB Prishtina Bank.

ProCredit Bank Dy rruge e nje pune

31/01/2020 ProCredit Bank Dy rruge e nje pune

The ad was directed by Ilir Hasanaj, commisioned by Trembelat for ProCredit Bank Kosovo. The creative concept is from Trembelat.

Hapesirat Kulturore te Kosoves explained

31/01/2020 Hapesirat Kulturore te Kosoves explained

A project done for CSoK

The growing number of cultural spaces in Kosovo is a sign of a healthy development of culture. We developed and animated together with our partners a video to explain how a network of cultural spaces is even further boosting the spaces.

Trosha Opens

12/01/2018 Trosha Opens

In 2013 Trosha Bakery opened. We offered our service as consultants for the design as well as implementation of the brand and advertising. For the animation, we used a very simple video with the products photografed. Photos by Norik Uka.


12/01/2018 DokufestX

Dokufest is one of the most important documentary festivals on a global level. On its 10th edition, we where commisioned to develope a campaign that would include the community as well. So our team or programmers developed an online web application where everyone could post a picture for this...

TEDxPrishtina 2012: SEndërtim

12/01/2018 TEDxPrishtina 2012: SEndërtim

For the first ever TEDx in Kosovo we designed the materials and the video. The concept revolved around the Albanian word "sendërtim" meaning something close to "co-development" in Englisht. We used ants for this concept.


12/01/2018 ANIBAR 2012

Anibar is an important animation festival, growing each year. It is held in Peja. From the begining Trembelat have cooperated with Anibar to develop the identity and the visual concept for the festival. In 2012 we developed a concept together with Zgjim Elshani, where he did also the illustrations...

DokuKids 2009

12/01/2018 DokuKids 2009

In 2009 Dokufest was also developing a specific program for kids. We did the frames of the animation, printed all of them, and then gave to children from different schools to color them. In the end, this animation came to life. It is one of our favorites.

DokuKids 2010

12/01/2018 DokuKids 2010

For the Dokukids program in 2010 we developed this stopmotion animation using cutouts. It was funn to do.

Elections 2010 - Instructional Video

12/01/2018 Elections 2010 - Instructional Video

Together with Rrota we designed and animated this concept for elections. Kosovo's electoral system is not the easiest to understand so we had do to several instructional animations to explain how the voting should go, and how it works. 

CineGlobe Film Festival

12/01/2018 CineGlobe Film Festival

CineGlobe is a festival held in CERN Switzerland. Trembelat delevoped several short animations for the intros, and promotion of the event.

Maxi E-shop

12/01/2018 Maxi E-shop

Maxi Market is a chain of markets in Kosovo. They expanded by creating also an online shopping platform. We did this animation for them.

KDI - Lajmëro korrupsionin

10/01/2018 KDI - Lajmëro korrupsionin

This video was done as an informative animation. Kosovo Democratic Institute set up a number to signal corruption in Kosovo's institutions.  Video on the following link

AMC - Fushata kunder kancerit të mitrës

10/01/2018 AMC - Fushata kunder kancerit të mitrës

Several instructional videos are done by Trembelat for Action for Mothers and Children, and NGO doing tremendous work in the field related to women, children and education.  Video on the following link

Procredit Bank - EcoVideo for Doku Fest

10/01/2018 Procredit Bank - EcoVideo for Doku Fest

In 2017 Dokufest teamed up with ProCredit Bank to do a joing project for the environment. It was a competition inviting everyone to post a short video about nature. This animation was developed by our team to promote the competition. It was played during the festival, online and on TV. This is a...

ProCredit Bank - Jeto EKO

10/01/2018 ProCredit Bank - Jeto EKO

ProCredit Bank enganced their efforts to help save the environment. We are tasked to help with the animation and video. This video is done using stop motion as a technique and it was recorded in our brand new offices. Video on the following link

TNT Express

10/01/2018 TNT Express

TNT is a global logistics company. For the Kosovo branch we developed a small campaing including some print materials, online banners and this instructional video.


07/04/2017 KCSF

Kosovar Civil Society Foundation

Not-for-profit organization focused in supporting local civil initiatives leading to a strong civil society movement that will promote a democratic culture and will be responsive to the socio-economic needs of Kosovo. Animated Video on decription of orgainzed active citizenship on everyday...