Trosha Opens

12/01/2018 Trosha Opens


12/01/2018 DokufestX

TEDxPrishtina 2012: SEndërtim

12/01/2018 TEDxPrishtina 2012: SEndërtim


12/01/2018 ANIBAR 2012

DokuKids 2009

12/01/2018 DokuKids 2009

DokuKids 2010

12/01/2018 DokuKids 2010

Elections 2010 - Instructional Video

12/01/2018 Elections 2010 - Instructional Video

CineGlobe Film Festival

12/01/2018 CineGlobe Film Festival

Maxi E-shop

12/01/2018 Maxi E-shop

KDI - Lajmëro korrupsionin

10/01/2018 KDI - Lajmëro korrupsionin

AMC - Fushata kunder kancerit të mitrës

10/01/2018 AMC - Fushata kunder kancerit të mitrës

ProCredit Bank - Kredi Hipotekare

10/01/2018 ProCredit Bank - Kredi Hipotekare

Procredit Bank - EcoVideo for Doku Kids

10/01/2018 Procredit Bank - EcoVideo for Doku Kids

Jeto EKO

10/01/2018 Jeto EKO


10/01/2018 #ecokosovo

#ecokosovo is an online advocacy campaign, and photo competition in order to raise awareness on environment and health issues in Kosovo. It was organized by UNDP, UNV in partnership with WHO and UN Kosovo Team (UNKT). Trembelat created the logo, identity, brand design, website, animation, as...

TNT Express

10/01/2018 TNT Express

TNT është kompani lidere në botë e cila ofron shërbimin e shpërndarjes fizike të letrave, pakove dhe dërgesave të tjera. Ne shpërndajmë 3.3 milionë letra, pako në 200 vende të botës, duke përdorur rrjetin tonë prej...



07/04/2017 DOOGY ICONS

Is a website which is focused on advices for dogs. Though we haven’t designed their logo, it was requested from us to design website categories. Our creative approach was instead of using written categories, to design icons which transmit the same message to clients.