Yll Rugova

16/04/2017 Yll Rugova

Information designer, typographer and everythinologist

Information designer, typographer and everythinologist. An expert on information architecture and design of materials with larger quantity of content. He is a bit knowledgeable in programing as well. He is not only the main engine of daily activities at Trembelat but also a devoted advocate for...

Lira Gjikolli

14/04/2017 Lira Gjikolli

Designer and illustrator

Is a designer and illustrator. With her very peculiar style of drawings and illustrations she can give a very strong identity to everything she touches. Very creative in layout and infographics as well.

Petrit Reçica

14/04/2017 Petrit Reçica

Also known as Petlla. He is the main guy when it comes to operations. Also very skillful when it comes to layout. Petlla is also in charge of the office and everything related to fun and noise. If it wasn’t for Petlla, the offices at Trembelat would be so quiet that you would only hear the...


14/04/2017 sap_

Partner and friend company dealing with most of programing and online related projects.

Ermal Kozgori

14/04/2017 Ermal Kozgori

Accounting and finance officer

Is the accounting and finance officer. While the rest are creative with drawings and programing, Ermal is creative with numbers. Finances. Accounting. And convincing workers at the state tax administration to work properly.

Desidiat Hamiti

14/04/2017 Desidiat Hamiti


Desidit is on his way to become a very dedicated programmer. A great addition for the team.

Diellze Veliqi

14/04/2017 Diellze Veliqi

Is a graphic designer and illustrator. Trained as an architect, Diellza has a very cultivated technique for type design. She is very geometric in her work, and very hardworking. A workoholic in the making.